Monday, September 27, 2010

My little blue smurf

So, the last few days August has been getting quite creative.
He colored the hood of the van with crayons and all over the garage floor, colored the train table with pen, colored his hands with marker, etc.

Today, Paige came to tell me he had colored on his hands again. I thought great, but probably not a big deal. Well, this time it was a bit more color.

And, he got the table.

And he got the wall as he walked up to his timeout. And he got his face. And he got it all over the kitchen chair he had his timeout on.

I thought that was all.
I cleaned him up as best I could
and then I took him in to change his diaper.
this is what I found.
Wow August.

My little blue smurf.


  1. that last picture is classic. He is all boy. this incident proves it. haha. He looks like a mini-larkin. It is so fun to see him grow!!

  2. I agree that he looks like a miniature of your husband. And I think you are one very patient mommy.


  3. He's an artist Mari! What kind of boy did you expect to create, you two artistically inclined people? Seriously so funny...but not so funny to clean I'm sure.

  4. He must be taking lessons from Caleb! I still have the Sharpie marks leading from my bedroom into the kitchen!