Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Man

Now that Paige is in Kindergarten, August and I have a lot of time together. He loves to talk. He talks and talks and sometimes I get to say something too. The other day we were at Home Depot and were parked right by a big manhole. Here is our conversation.
A: What's that?
M: That's a manhole.
A: Huh?
M: A manhole.
A: Huh? (This is his favorite response, I'm still trying to decide if he really knows what it means, or he just knows he can say it after we say something.)
M: It's a manhole. It covers a big hole that people can go down.
A: I want to go down there.
M: Only a man can go down there. You are too little. You have to wait until you are bigger.
A: I want to be a man...(in a wishful voice.)


  1. Todd used to always say that to me, that he wanted to be a man. Well, actually, he used to say he wanted to be a big dad.


  2. That's hilarious Marianne! Isn't it fun having boys too!

  3. So cute. I'm so glad you two are spending some quality solo time together. And what better to teach him about than crawling into a funny. I don't think I even knew what those were officially called!!