Thursday, February 25, 2010

Catch Up

We have been busy. Here is a quick recap to catch you up.August loves stickers and has to put them all on his shirt. This is apparently where stickers must go. They don't always stay there for long, but I thought it was so cute to see all the hearts his Grammie had given him end up on his shirt!

My Mom and Dad took Ashley and Abby out to see the Young Ambassadors at BYU. The girls were too excited that it was just the two of them going! They ate dinner at BYU too and were out late having a great time with their grandparents.
Our wonderful neighbor friends had brought over another bag full of hand-me-downs one Saturday and inside was a witch costume, the catalyst to what was ahead of us that day. Ashley quickly put on the costume and the three girls spent the better part of the day rehearsing and planning a play, The Wizard of Oz. August and Larkin and I had the "opportunity" to sit and watch and watch and watch as the play went on and on and on. It was quite funny. We loved that they had so much fun together. Here are a couple pictures from the performance.
Valentine's Day. Larkin was sweet to get flowers and I just love all the colors. He had even put them all in a vase (after they had been hiding in the garbage can outside for some time. He says that's one of his better hiding places. I guess I never would have thought to look there!)
I thought I'd show the card I made for Larkin this year. It was fun to make and August thought it was awesome because it had a car on it!

I had bookclub at my house last week and it was so fun. I wish I were a better picture taker. I didn't get any pictures of the ladies or the wonderful display of food that adorned my table after they had all arrived. I did get a before shot though. The best part of the night was that I get to do my first choice book pick for the coming year. It's such a great book, possibly my new all time favorite, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

Well, last night was our Blue and Gold Banquet. It was a lot of fun, but I'm sure glad it will be another year before we do another one. We had a great crowd, around 80-90 people I'd guess, and lots to eat and do. The kids here are watching a picture slide show from the last year. I've been cubmaster for about 5 or so months now, so there were a few pictures of me in the slideshow. It was a bit embarrasing to see all my crazy facial expressions.

Anyway, Larkin was there too last night and took a couple pictures for me. We are doing an audience participation story here and the next couple are a picture of some of the cubscouts and the fabulous leaders I get to work with. I just love this job! It really is so much fun. Those boys are too funny. I'm glad I get to be apart of the scouting program even though I have all those girls.

So here we are. A quick recap. A couple weeks and this is just the things I had pictures of.
Love you all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl and Valentines

We try to get together with my side of the family once a month at Mom and Dad's house for dinner. This month, it was on Super Bowl Sunday. Growing up, I never cared much for the super bowl, but now I enjoy watching it and although I usually don't catch the whole game, I caught a few commercials and most the second half. So fun. I'm happy the Saints could win. I think it's true what their quarterback said about not only their home state, but maybe even the whole country cheering for them.


My mom was so cute this year to have a huge box filled with all sorts of red and pink papers and doilles and stickers and fun stuff so the kids could make valentines. They had a blast creating all night long. Even Chase got into it. Thanks Mom for the fun you had for the kids.

It's so nice to be able to see my Grandmas too when we get together. My mom's mom, Grandma Mary Pratt, lives with them and I love seeing her smiling face whenever we come over. She has the most beautiful orchids blooming in her room and she loves to show them off! Love her!

This is my you mom!

My dad's Mom, Grandma Barbara Avondet, drives down from Ogden almost every month to be with us too. It's so nice to have her around and get to catch up with what she is doing. Did you know she bowls 3 times a week right now! She's a busy women still caring for her beautiful home and large land where she tends to all the planting, watering, weeding and harvesting of lots and lots of crops! What a woman! I love her dearly.

So, the boys camped out in the family room by the big screen tv (even August stayed mostly there, eating chips and dip and sitting by his Daddy.) The kids were mostly off creating...can't wait to open the valentines my girls made for me. And, we all enjoyed a fun night together.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

August in February

My little guy turned 2 years old yesterday.
We woke up to a freezing house, the igniter on the furnace had cracked during the night.
It was 57degrees inside, which for us, is practically freezing.
We made hot chocolate and August shivered through breakfast determined to eat his donuts. He said, "August's birthday, August's birthday over and over."

The furnace guy came and fixed the heat by 10:30 that morning, thank goodness for fast service, and the house started to feel a bit better. I watch a little boy and girl a couple times during the week and so they were with us that morning. Daxton and August had fun helping me make the cake. I think the beaters were a hit!

What cute little guys!

Later, after a long nap and the girls and Dad were home from school, we opened presents. August was hysterical. He wanted to stop and play with each new toy before moving on to the next. The girls had a hard time with this. They wanted him to get a move on it. They have different approaches when it comes to gift opening.
August ended up with way too much stuff, but he loves every single thing (except the shirt...he didn't even bother to finish opening that gift.)

August loves cars. He is pretty much obsessed with cars. It's pretty fun. So, it really wasn't too hard to decide what cake to make. A CAR CAKE. When he woke up from his nap and saw his cake, he was very interested in it. He sat at the table and looked at it and talked all about it and even had a small taste of it. He sat there and said over and over, "August's car cake. August's birthday, car cake, donut." It was funny to listen to. I think he really liked it.

This picture isn't the best quality, I cropped it way too much and then blew it up, but just look at that face! He was going to make sure every bit of that cake got from his spoon into his mouth!

It was a fun day and I think August knew something special was going on. We have had a few birthdays in the past few weeks, so he kind of got the hang of it and knew what to do.
We sure love you August.