Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Queen Vanessa

Abby just loves her second grade teacher. She especially loves that their teacher has them put on little classroom productions. Her last one, The Prince Frog, was so fun that Abby couldn't wait to do another one. The next play was going to be Snow White and the Six Dwarfs. Abby got to suggest which part she'd most like to play and then the teacher made assignments to each student. Abby got her first pick, Queen Vanessa, the wicked Queen who tries to thwart Snow White from winning the coveted race.

Meet Snow White and Queen Vanessa

These two cute girls had a LOT of lines to memorize and they both did outstanding! It was a pleasure to watch and quite funny too.
Here Queen Vanessa (Abby) is "persuading" Sir Shiny to tell her who will be the swiftest in the race, and where she learns it won't be her.
She Queen Vanessa ordered her guards to "get rid" of Snow White.
When the guards decided they liked Snow White and didn't want to rid of her, Queen Vanessa took matters into her own hands. She disguised herself as a traveling salesman and went to tempt Snow White with a poisonous "all natural and healthy granola bar."

Unfortunately for the Queen, Snow White was cured from the poison and was at the race.
Queen Vanessa had found a shortcut and was consulting her map so she could still win the race...

And even though Snow White crossed the finish line first, Queen Vanessa demanded that she had won!

The constable stepped in to fix the matter and Queen Vanessa was taken away to the dungeons.
Abby was very animated and loved every second of it. She was too cute.
Can't wait to see you in more plays Abby, you are fantastic!

Easter Fun

We were glad that bishopric meetings were cancelled this morning so Dad could be home for the easter egg hunt. The kids were up early (which was good, we had to be) and couldn't wait to see if the bunny had come...

...and, he DID! It was an exciting 5 minutes or so (you know how that goes.) The baskets filled up pretty quickly. We have one HUGE egg that gets hidden every year and it took until that evening for someone to find it. It was in a good hiding spot, in the box with all the balls. Congrats to Abby who found it again this year! Good hunting.

And, I'm happy to report that we all made it to church on time.
I was thankful we could go and feel the love of our Savior and be reminded of why Easter is so special
(after having spent the morning stuffing our faces with sweets and treats.)

Hope your Easter was as awesome!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Soccer Star

Paige was so excited to start soccer.
I asked if she wanted to wait for the fall,
but she wanted to start right away.
And, she's really good at it!
She runs her heart out all over that field and kicks the ball so well.
She hasn't scored a goal yet, but she's saved a few from going into her team's goal!
She's kicked the ball more in her first two games than we think her sister's did all season when they played.
Larkin is thrilled to find a daughter who seems to love the sport.
Keep it up Paige!
You are so fun to watch!