Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, when we woke up to more snow Saturday, we thought we had better seize the moment and go sledding.

Larkin wants to try the hill at the Point of the Mountain by the freeway. I want to try that hill too, but with a snowmobile...so I don't have to walk up it a hundred times carrying children and sleds. So, for now, we settled on a nice, quiet, soft hill, like the one behind the girl's school. It didn't seem to matter to the kids that it was only about 20 feet long! Lehi needs more hills.

We had so much fun together and if you can believe it, we fit our whole family on that innertube. Now we just have to save up our money so we can get another one (they are twice the price I swear we paid for one just a couple years ago!.) Those round plastic sleds are overrated. There is NO padding there. I much prefer the soft bounce of the innertube! What fun there is to be had in the snow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love This Man

Larkin is celebrating another birthday today. Happy 34th sweetheart!
It's a fun year.
This picture is from New Years Eve night,
just after August needed new jammies (which I was about to run home and get)
and Paige had conked out on our neighbors couch. Here's to the new year!

We went up to Salt Lake City on Monday to celebrate Larkin's big day.
We ate at Tucanos at the Gateway
and at least Larkin and I enjoyed the food.
Abby ate a chicken heart, which she loved, and lots and lots of fruit.
Ashley did finally try the chicken which to her surprise she enjoyed
and Paige ate lots of buttered noodles.
August did alright, but I swear,
we could have just gone to Micky D's for all it mattered to them.
it wasn't their choice.
I'm glad Larkin and I could enjoy all the variety.
It's fun to have so much to choose from and all those yummy meats.
I meant to take some pictures of the day, but only remembered on our way back to the car.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and such sweet children. I so appreciate my husband and all the time and effort he puts into being a dad and a spouse. He does such a great job at both! Have a happy happy birthday Larkin. I love you will all my heart.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby

Abby turned 7 this past week.

We celebrated that day with dinner and shakes at JCW's...
a family favorite place to eat.

Then, a couple days later she had a party.

It was two years in the waiting, so we wanted to make sure it was memorable.

Abby picked music for her theme. She also helped decide just how her invitations were to look.

Mom made a guitar cake. Green. As requested.

And all Abby's friends came to help celebrate.

We ate pizza, carrots, oranges and jello jigglers and everyone's favorite part, soda to drink.

Those poor kids. I think they drank more than they ate...

We played lots of fun music games, this one was a balloon toss game that when the music stopped, the person with the balloon had to throw it in the air and call out a number. Each kid had a number on their shirts and they were to catch the balloon before it hit the ground. The best part though, was watching them all dance while the music was playing.

Another fun game we played was pass the bag, like hot potato. If you had the bag when the music stopped, you had to reach in and pull out the first thing you touched. You were then to wear whatever it was and at the end, prizes were awarded for the funniest combinations.

Of course, time for presents is always a hit, especially for this birthday girl! She loved everything. August won't give up the Zuzu pet she got. He absolutely loves that thing!

It was such a fun day and a great time together.
We love you little Abby!

My First Post

So...I decided that there never will be enough time to start a blog, so I might as well start one today. I hope to post the major events in our little lives and if I'm lucky throw in a couple here and there when time allows. My kids are little and I don't want my family (and friends if interested) to miss out on all the cute funny and fun things that happen around our home. Well, here we go...wish me luck!