Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, when we woke up to more snow Saturday, we thought we had better seize the moment and go sledding.

Larkin wants to try the hill at the Point of the Mountain by the freeway. I want to try that hill too, but with a snowmobile...so I don't have to walk up it a hundred times carrying children and sleds. So, for now, we settled on a nice, quiet, soft hill, like the one behind the girl's school. It didn't seem to matter to the kids that it was only about 20 feet long! Lehi needs more hills.

We had so much fun together and if you can believe it, we fit our whole family on that innertube. Now we just have to save up our money so we can get another one (they are twice the price I swear we paid for one just a couple years ago!.) Those round plastic sleds are overrated. There is NO padding there. I much prefer the soft bounce of the innertube! What fun there is to be had in the snow.

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  1. Dave and I used to go tubing all the time when we were attending the U. What a fun time for your family!