Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I love This Man

Larkin is celebrating another birthday today. Happy 34th sweetheart!
It's a fun year.
This picture is from New Years Eve night,
just after August needed new jammies (which I was about to run home and get)
and Paige had conked out on our neighbors couch. Here's to the new year!

We went up to Salt Lake City on Monday to celebrate Larkin's big day.
We ate at Tucanos at the Gateway
and at least Larkin and I enjoyed the food.
Abby ate a chicken heart, which she loved, and lots and lots of fruit.
Ashley did finally try the chicken which to her surprise she enjoyed
and Paige ate lots of buttered noodles.
August did alright, but I swear,
we could have just gone to Micky D's for all it mattered to them.
it wasn't their choice.
I'm glad Larkin and I could enjoy all the variety.
It's fun to have so much to choose from and all those yummy meats.
I meant to take some pictures of the day, but only remembered on our way back to the car.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and such sweet children. I so appreciate my husband and all the time and effort he puts into being a dad and a spouse. He does such a great job at both! Have a happy happy birthday Larkin. I love you will all my heart.


  1. Wow the first of the year is busy for you guys with birthdays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARKIN. glad you were able to celebrate!

  2. Happy Birthday to You Larkin!! We thing you're a sweetheart too :)