Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lehi Round Up Days

FRIDAY JUNE 25, 2010

Each year our city throws a week of fun and games for everyone called Round Up Days. The big thing here is the Rodeo, but there are lots of other activities to do all week as well.

One of the traditions in our ward is to make a float and have it in the city parade. We usually walk with the float Friday night in the mini parade, and then this year we actually went to see the larger parade Saturday morning. It was so fun.

This year the parade theme was "Guess what I saw..." Our ward did a Root Beer Float Float. The kids dressed up like waiter and waitress car hoppers and the young men helped pull the float around the parade route. It's a lot of fun.

This year, Abby was walking up near the front of the float and tripped. She fell and the float was pulled on top of her. Luckily someone yelled to stop before the wheel ran her over, but she was pretty scraped up. We put her in the stroller that August wouldn't ride in and pushed her the rest of the way. I think she was a bit embarrassed to be pushed in a stroller. I was just glad we had it.

When we got to the end, we all sat and ate yummy root beer float ice cream popscicles. I've never had a better one! They were delicious!


Saturday morning Larkin and I both ran in the city's 5K race. Larkin has done it in previous years, but this was my first time running in any sort of race whatsoever.

It was awesome. My goal was to be able to run the whole race without having to walk any of it and do it in 30 minutes max. I DID IT! I even ran it faster than I had hoped. Nikki and I had done a couple practice runs and we thought we had made good time, so it was fun to see we both crossed the finish line in under 28 minutes! (My time was just barely under 28!) But, out of 199 women that ran or walked the 5K, I was the 36th!!! I think that is pretty cool. Larkin finished 9th overall from the men's group, and 2nd in his age group! He runs it in 20 minutes! Unbelievable. You go boy!

After the race, we picked up our kids from the neighbor, ran home and showered and then had our Arizona cousins who were in town join us for the parade. It was so fun.

The kids had a blast collecting all the candy thrown our way. I think it helped that we were sitting with the Mayor's daughter-in-law and their family. He threw LOTS of candy!!!

This is Cameron, a friend of ours, marching with Lehi High School's Marching Band. We tried so hard to get him to crack a smile, but he was very good. (He ran the 5K too this morning and finished just a few seconds behind Larkin! He was the first to finish in his age group and the 11th finisher overall out of 117 men! Go Cameron!!!)

Alex and her friend who now lives in Pleasant Grove. Fun to have these guys with us!

The girls with their new cowgirl hats they got from the parade.

I love this picture of Julie and Luke.
They were so nice to let us all come sit with them and their family.
What a fun day.
And that was just the morning.

We rushed home from the parade so we could see the World Cup USA vs. GHANA game that started at noon. Too bad we couldn't get a win. In another 4 years, we'll try again. We spent the rest of the afternoon eating and playing games with the cousins and making pizzas for dinner. It was a fun filled week, let alone day.

The next day we left for our Park City trip.

But that's a whole different post.

To see a preview, check out my sister's blog.
She put together some cool pictures from the highlights of the week.

Father's Day

(I know, Father's day in July???But, I've been busy. I'm trying to catch up ;))

The girls couldn't wait for Larkin to get home from his early morning meetings on Father's Day. They wanted him to open his presents and escpecially read all the cards and pictures they had made for him.

August was very VERY happy that Dad got peanut M&Ms. So was Dad.

The girls watched and listened so intently when it was time for Dad to read their card to him. There were a lot. He had been out of town for 8 days previous and they had spent a lot of that time making pictures and cards for him!

We had cinnamon rolls that morning with yummy orange julius drinks before church. At church, Larkin got to go into Primary and depending on how the kids sang, he had to move this indicator up or down his tie. They ended up singing quite well, so at the end, the Primary chorister chose Paige to come up and cut off his tie to where he had moved the indicator. The kids loved it. They didn't know the chorister had given Larkin an old tie to put on before he came into the Primary room. Fun for all. We had a nice afternoon home that day and I'm sure we ate something delicious, I just can't remember what that was.

We love you Larkin! You are a wonderful father. So dedicated and so involved with the kids. They love you so much. I do too. I couldn't have asked for better!

Happy Father's Day!


We spent a couple days camping down at Yuba Lake with some good friends.

We thought we had left the camera at home, so we didn't get any pictures until we were packing up to leave and found the camera in the car! What luck. So here are some shots of us as we were leaving the lake that last day.


Some of us didn't have a shower that came with our tents, and we look it.

Those that look a bit more kept and groomed had a shower in their "tents."

Ashley says we need one of those tents.

A camper or RV would be nice.


Daxton, Kate, Luke and Paige

Abby and Ashley

The Benches (with Kara below)

The Batemans

The Petersons

Judy and Burt who so nicely hung out with us those few days and shared so generously their boat with us all. So fun! Thanks guys.

And us.

What a great place to relax and play. We laughed so hard and ate so well and played so long. The sun was bright and the water freezing and we were all so happy. The guys water skiied and knee boarded and the wives whipped around on the huge tube and the babies and pregnant one rode in the boat and cheered everyone on. We couldn't have had more fun.
Thanks to Julie and Deven for putting that all together!

The Cabin

I'm still not sure how we got so lucky, but some friends invited our family to spend the night up at a cabin in Duchesne right after school got out at the end of May. A couple other families from the neighborhood came too and it was a total blast!!! We ate a delicious dinner together and then played games late into the night. Oh the laughter and the fun. That is definately one of my favorite things to do.

The weather had been a bit windy and cool, well actually VERY WINDY, so we didn't stay outside for long that first night. We did venture out, the next morning, to ride the 4-Wheelers the Webster family had brought. We were all in heaven. There were a lot of people so we spent the morning and afternoon taking turns. I loved it. August too. The girls and Larkin loved it too. It was so so fun to ride around these dirt trails out in the middle of no where. We even found some jumps! At the end of the day, Larkin and I got to go out on the 4-Wheeler together with Dave and Jen. What a ride! Larkin started out driving and then we had the husbands give us wives a turn at the wheel. What fun. I loved being in control. Larkin said he preferred it when he was driving. Hum. I think I scared him a bit. We definately caught some air going off the jumps
and it is harder to hold on from the back---What a sport!

Time flew and before we knew it, it was time to pack up and head back to Lehi. We quickly cleaned up the cabin and loaded up the vans.

Thanks Needles for such a fun time in Duchesne.