Monday, September 27, 2010

My little blue smurf

So, the last few days August has been getting quite creative.
He colored the hood of the van with crayons and all over the garage floor, colored the train table with pen, colored his hands with marker, etc.

Today, Paige came to tell me he had colored on his hands again. I thought great, but probably not a big deal. Well, this time it was a bit more color.

And, he got the table.

And he got the wall as he walked up to his timeout. And he got his face. And he got it all over the kitchen chair he had his timeout on.

I thought that was all.
I cleaned him up as best I could
and then I took him in to change his diaper.
this is what I found.
Wow August.

My little blue smurf.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ashley, a whole decade old!

Happy Birthday to you
Ten whole years!
We can hardly believe it!

Ashley has been planning her birthday party for over a year, hoping that I would let her have a sleepover party. We decided since she was only going to invite a few of her closest friends that that would be ok. She was thrilled. So, first came the invitations.

I think they turned out pretty cute.

Next came the decorations.

I made some popcorn bags out of white paper bags I had...

and some fun festive pinwheels to decorate with and to send home with each girl.

We had large lollipops to send as favors as well since Ashley had requested LOTS of candy and choclate to be consumed durning the duration of the party.

We were set for a great time!

First, we had them each make their own pizzas.

After dinner, Ashley opened her presents and I love this picture of Nicole's face as she realized Ashley just got the Justin Beiber CD. I wish you could have seen those girls dance to that song Baby. It was pretty funny. It was Ashley's first time hearing him, but I think it helped for her to see how much her friends loved him and knew those songs by heart!

Next, they each made a sundae...or at least a huge bowl full of toppoings! It was funny to watch.

After sundaes, the girls each made little booklets. It was a fun craft, and they each got to choose how their own would look. We gave them each a pen to go with it and the spend the next little while running around jotting things in their new notebooks. It was cute to see.

So, now that it was pretty late, with just a movie left, we thought that they would all get tired and hopefully some would even fall asleep. We started the movie around 9:45 I think. You would have thought that maybe they would be a smidge tired...

Somehow, though, the movie idea didn't work like we thought (the "we" meaning Larkin and I.) The girls were wide awake through the whole thing and even more hiper when it was over...Larkin and I were worried it was going to be a LONG (or should I say LONGER) night. After we hid all the rest of the candy and chocolate, hoping they wouldn't find the rest, we asked them kindly to please stay in their sleeping bags and if they were going to talk, to do it quietly. That lasted 10 minutes tops. After a couple trips downstairs, and the clock past midnight, Larkin and I fell asleep, not to be awoken again until 7:00am, thankfully. It sounded like they went to sleep as well, around 1:00 in the morning...not too bad, I guess.

That morning, we made scones and "special drinks" (orange julius)

and the girls had fun playing together.

It was the best party ever, according to them, so I guess it was a success. It is atonishing though, the noise level, just a few happy girls can create. In fact, our 5 year old alone can reach that level, a "talent" (for lack of a better word) I'm afraid comes from her mother...

We are glad to have a ten year old in the home and so happy that it's Ashley.
Happy Birthday!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back in Session

So, a couple weeks ago everyone went back to school.
The girls were all so so so excited...and Larkin, well,
he would have loved a longer summer.
It was a fun one.
Here are a few pictures of the girls' first day of school.

Ashley with Lindsay and Dylan

Ashley and the bus


Abby and the bus

Paige and Chelsea
Paige had to wait an extra week to start Kindergarten and when the day finally came...she was very glad. What a sweetie.

Paige's more natural smile.

Heading for the bus!

Paige and the bus
We are so lucky the bus stop is at our corner. I can sit in my front window and watch my girls head off to school. I LOVE THE BUS.
Here's to another great year ahead.