Friday, September 10, 2010

Back in Session

So, a couple weeks ago everyone went back to school.
The girls were all so so so excited...and Larkin, well,
he would have loved a longer summer.
It was a fun one.
Here are a few pictures of the girls' first day of school.

Ashley with Lindsay and Dylan

Ashley and the bus


Abby and the bus

Paige and Chelsea
Paige had to wait an extra week to start Kindergarten and when the day finally came...she was very glad. What a sweetie.

Paige's more natural smile.

Heading for the bus!

Paige and the bus
We are so lucky the bus stop is at our corner. I can sit in my front window and watch my girls head off to school. I LOVE THE BUS.
Here's to another great year ahead.


  1. I LOVE the bus too!! It drops Kaela off just in front of our house, so perfect. Those girls are looking excited for the school year. I can't believe you have 3 riding the bus!

  2. Such cute kids, I can't believe how big they are! I do miss having the bus pick up my kids so close to the house, lucky you!