Saturday, November 27, 2010

From First Date

From First Date

To Soul Mate
and best friend EVER!
Happy 12th Larkin Weyand

Cutest Turkey, twice!

Is it not?
I love this turkey.
My mom made them and had them sitting on the plates at the "kid" table for Thanksgiving.
So so cute!

It's just a pair of dollar store mittens, one stuffed into the other with a few extras added on! How simple and darling. I guess she saw them on Studio 5. There is probably a video there you could watch if you wanted. I wish I had brought my camera so you could have seen the whole table. It was darling.
I had brought paper and stuff to have all the kids make a candy box turkey.
Here is the sample one I brought.
I wish I had brought the camera beause as you can imagine, their turkies turned out way cuter than mine, with how they each cut out the body piece and all the colored feathers they added. It was a fun pre-dinner activity!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Here is Paige with a Thanksgiving song she learned in Kindergarten.

Turkey Turkey in a pen,
It's Thanksgiving time again.
Still you strut around with pride,
Soon you should take off and hide.
Big fat turkey we have a date,
I will see you on my plate.
Hope you have a happy day with people you love. I'm so excited to go to my parents and enjoy the day with my brothers and their kids and my Grandmas. What a nice afternoon we will have.

Ashley had her piano recital last Saturday. She was so nervous. When I asked what she was most nervous about she said, "Standing up and saying my name in front of everybody!" She did a great job! Here's the video.

Lindsay and Ashley

Ashley takes piano from Lindsay's mom. It's been so fun to see how much she is learning and the fun songs she can play. We are excited to have Abby start lessons in January also. Abby can't wait!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Finishing October


What fun!

We were lucky to have Larkin's parents come down from Pennsylvania for a visit in October.

Grammie helped Ashley come up with an activity for FHE...decorating pumpkins. In this case, it was one and we each took a turn adding to the face. Abby started with the eyes, Ashley was the nose, Paige did the mouth, August did the shoes (on the back of the head...but it worked for him), Grammie did the ears and Grandpa the hair and Larkin and I finished with a mole and some cheeks. What a cute little pumpkin!

My kids aren't much into carving,
so this was perfect for our family!
Thanks Grammie and Grandpa!

Thekids dressed up for Halloween on the Friday before at school.
Here's Larkin in his costume. He had fun scaring his students as they entered his classroom.
Paige was a cute little witch!

So was Abby!

And, Ashley opted for the cheerleader this year. GO ASHLEY!

Here they are right before they went to school that day.

Hope your October finished well also.
ready or not,
here comes NOVEMBER...