Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cutest Turkey, twice!

Is it not?
I love this turkey.
My mom made them and had them sitting on the plates at the "kid" table for Thanksgiving.
So so cute!

It's just a pair of dollar store mittens, one stuffed into the other with a few extras added on! How simple and darling. I guess she saw them on Studio 5. There is probably a video there you could watch if you wanted. I wish I had brought my camera so you could have seen the whole table. It was darling.
I had brought paper and stuff to have all the kids make a candy box turkey.
Here is the sample one I brought.
I wish I had brought the camera beause as you can imagine, their turkies turned out way cuter than mine, with how they each cut out the body piece and all the colored feathers they added. It was a fun pre-dinner activity!

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