Monday, October 11, 2010

Little Man

Now that Paige is in Kindergarten, August and I have a lot of time together. He loves to talk. He talks and talks and sometimes I get to say something too. The other day we were at Home Depot and were parked right by a big manhole. Here is our conversation.
A: What's that?
M: That's a manhole.
A: Huh?
M: A manhole.
A: Huh? (This is his favorite response, I'm still trying to decide if he really knows what it means, or he just knows he can say it after we say something.)
M: It's a manhole. It covers a big hole that people can go down.
A: I want to go down there.
M: Only a man can go down there. You are too little. You have to wait until you are bigger.
A: I want to be a man...(in a wishful voice.)