Saturday, July 17, 2010


We spent a couple days camping down at Yuba Lake with some good friends.

We thought we had left the camera at home, so we didn't get any pictures until we were packing up to leave and found the camera in the car! What luck. So here are some shots of us as we were leaving the lake that last day.


Some of us didn't have a shower that came with our tents, and we look it.

Those that look a bit more kept and groomed had a shower in their "tents."

Ashley says we need one of those tents.

A camper or RV would be nice.


Daxton, Kate, Luke and Paige

Abby and Ashley

The Benches (with Kara below)

The Batemans

The Petersons

Judy and Burt who so nicely hung out with us those few days and shared so generously their boat with us all. So fun! Thanks guys.

And us.

What a great place to relax and play. We laughed so hard and ate so well and played so long. The sun was bright and the water freezing and we were all so happy. The guys water skiied and knee boarded and the wives whipped around on the huge tube and the babies and pregnant one rode in the boat and cheered everyone on. We couldn't have had more fun.
Thanks to Julie and Deven for putting that all together!

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  1. Looks like great fun for all of you!

    Memories are made of this...