Saturday, July 17, 2010

Father's Day

(I know, Father's day in July???But, I've been busy. I'm trying to catch up ;))

The girls couldn't wait for Larkin to get home from his early morning meetings on Father's Day. They wanted him to open his presents and escpecially read all the cards and pictures they had made for him.

August was very VERY happy that Dad got peanut M&Ms. So was Dad.

The girls watched and listened so intently when it was time for Dad to read their card to him. There were a lot. He had been out of town for 8 days previous and they had spent a lot of that time making pictures and cards for him!

We had cinnamon rolls that morning with yummy orange julius drinks before church. At church, Larkin got to go into Primary and depending on how the kids sang, he had to move this indicator up or down his tie. They ended up singing quite well, so at the end, the Primary chorister chose Paige to come up and cut off his tie to where he had moved the indicator. The kids loved it. They didn't know the chorister had given Larkin an old tie to put on before he came into the Primary room. Fun for all. We had a nice afternoon home that day and I'm sure we ate something delicious, I just can't remember what that was.

We love you Larkin! You are a wonderful father. So dedicated and so involved with the kids. They love you so much. I do too. I couldn't have asked for better!

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. Looks like you definitely picked a winner!