Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Abby

Abby turned 7 this past week.

We celebrated that day with dinner and shakes at JCW's...
a family favorite place to eat.

Then, a couple days later she had a party.

It was two years in the waiting, so we wanted to make sure it was memorable.

Abby picked music for her theme. She also helped decide just how her invitations were to look.

Mom made a guitar cake. Green. As requested.

And all Abby's friends came to help celebrate.

We ate pizza, carrots, oranges and jello jigglers and everyone's favorite part, soda to drink.

Those poor kids. I think they drank more than they ate...

We played lots of fun music games, this one was a balloon toss game that when the music stopped, the person with the balloon had to throw it in the air and call out a number. Each kid had a number on their shirts and they were to catch the balloon before it hit the ground. The best part though, was watching them all dance while the music was playing.

Another fun game we played was pass the bag, like hot potato. If you had the bag when the music stopped, you had to reach in and pull out the first thing you touched. You were then to wear whatever it was and at the end, prizes were awarded for the funniest combinations.

Of course, time for presents is always a hit, especially for this birthday girl! She loved everything. August won't give up the Zuzu pet she got. He absolutely loves that thing!

It was such a fun day and a great time together.
We love you little Abby!


  1. YEEEEHAAAA!! I couldn't be more excited to see your blog - and you are already better at it than me :) Looks like Abby's party was a total success and that guitar cake and your invites - incredible! Can't wait for more posts. Love and miss you!

  2. Love the pictures. Looks like a great party! Cool cake, invitations and DANCING. Love you.

  3. you are such the 'Rockin' Mom Marianne!
    I am so excited to see you in the blog world!

  4. yea! love that you joined the blogging world. (plus it makes it so much easier come christmas card time, just refer everyone to your blog!)
    can't wait to catch up on all the happenings of your cute little family!

  5. Mari, I LOVE it. The pictures are SUPER fun, and it's great to hear about the details. great job. Being a mom of 4 AND doing a blog. You've impressed me, AGAIN. =) It's fun to be on the other side of a blog, too...I haven't updated ours in a long time, thinking that Facebook etc is enough. But it's different. I feel that now. Thanks for the inspiration, and keep it coming when you can. I really do love it. =) And hello to all your family! Abby looks SO much like Katie! Do you see it?

  6. Mari, this is great! I haven't seen pics of the kids in so long. They've grown so much. Wow, I can't believe Abby is 7 already! I love the cake...it must of been a hit with the kids.

    Love to all:-D

  7. WHA HOO! It's a Christmas miracle. Or a new year miracle. So excited for this! Happy Birthday to Abby!

  8. Great cake!! You are creative. I also love the game where you have to wear what you pull out of the bag. Cool.

  9. Looks like a great party!