Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Easter Fun

We were glad that bishopric meetings were cancelled this morning so Dad could be home for the easter egg hunt. The kids were up early (which was good, we had to be) and couldn't wait to see if the bunny had come...

...and, he DID! It was an exciting 5 minutes or so (you know how that goes.) The baskets filled up pretty quickly. We have one HUGE egg that gets hidden every year and it took until that evening for someone to find it. It was in a good hiding spot, in the box with all the balls. Congrats to Abby who found it again this year! Good hunting.

And, I'm happy to report that we all made it to church on time.
I was thankful we could go and feel the love of our Savior and be reminded of why Easter is so special
(after having spent the morning stuffing our faces with sweets and treats.)

Hope your Easter was as awesome!

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