Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl and Valentines

We try to get together with my side of the family once a month at Mom and Dad's house for dinner. This month, it was on Super Bowl Sunday. Growing up, I never cared much for the super bowl, but now I enjoy watching it and although I usually don't catch the whole game, I caught a few commercials and most the second half. So fun. I'm happy the Saints could win. I think it's true what their quarterback said about not only their home state, but maybe even the whole country cheering for them.


My mom was so cute this year to have a huge box filled with all sorts of red and pink papers and doilles and stickers and fun stuff so the kids could make valentines. They had a blast creating all night long. Even Chase got into it. Thanks Mom for the fun you had for the kids.

It's so nice to be able to see my Grandmas too when we get together. My mom's mom, Grandma Mary Pratt, lives with them and I love seeing her smiling face whenever we come over. She has the most beautiful orchids blooming in her room and she loves to show them off! Love her!

This is my you mom!

My dad's Mom, Grandma Barbara Avondet, drives down from Ogden almost every month to be with us too. It's so nice to have her around and get to catch up with what she is doing. Did you know she bowls 3 times a week right now! She's a busy women still caring for her beautiful home and large land where she tends to all the planting, watering, weeding and harvesting of lots and lots of crops! What a woman! I love her dearly.

So, the boys camped out in the family room by the big screen tv (even August stayed mostly there, eating chips and dip and sitting by his Daddy.) The kids were mostly off creating...can't wait to open the valentines my girls made for me. And, we all enjoyed a fun night together.


  1. That makes me homesick for your mom and dad (and all the rest of you, too!) Looks like the kids had a ball.


  2. oh so fun! I thought about your superbowl party all day on Sunday wishing i was with you all. I am glad the Saints won too! How fun to make valentines.

  3. Looks like so much fun!! Raw Raw Saints is right, I was happy they won. Love and miss you.

  4. In today's world RAW! RAW! seems right. I remember calmer times when RAH! RAH! would do. Love seeing the pictures and sure do love you all.