Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Paige!

Paige has been so excited for her birthday this year especially because she was going to have her first FRIEND birthday party!
I was excited because she let me make up the invitations any way I wanted.
We went with a color theme, inspired by the pink, green and yellow tissue "pom-poms" my Mom and Dad had made with the girls the week before. One of Paige's favorite things to do is color, cut, glue and eat we found some fun velvety posters and a bunch of candy to give to her friends as a party favor.
I got this crazy idea in my head the day before the party to make a birthday banner. I decided after a little thought to make a P.A.I.G.E banner instead since there are WAY FEWER letters. I'm glad I did.
It took the whole day as it was.
I'm so happy with how it turned out! Here's a close up of the "P" and some more pictures of it hung inside and then out for the party.


So the friend party was Saturday, the day before her actual birthday.

We lucked out and had beautiful weather that morning, so the party was outside (like I had hoped.) I had another bright idea the day before to get the jump house from my parents. Thanks to my amazing cousins, Shauna and family, we had access to this fun bounce house. It was a huge hit at the party.

This is Paige's "boyfriend" Braxton. We think he's pretty cute! So does she ;)

Here's Chelsea.

And the cupcakes that somehow got frosted in the 20 minutes I had left that morning after running to the store for food coloring, sprinkles, and fun candles. That was a close one.

This is our sweet neighbor, Taelyn.

And my other party goers who were so excited I didn't have the party while they were at school.

We played a form of musical chairs, but instead of eliminating people as the chairs are taken away, you just squish together with other people on what chairs are left.

Here is a picture with only 4 or so chairs left. It was fun.

And of course, presents. TOO. MUCH. EXCITEMENT.

It turned out to be a great party. I'm glad. It was fun to see Paige so happy.

Here is Paige on Sunday morning, her real birthday with her birthday donuts.

Larkin was able to come home early from church meetings that morning so Paige got to open her presents before church! She was thrilled. Here is a video of her opening the smallest present there. I kept telling her and the girls it was her biggest present, but no one would believe me...until...

Here's the group with the prize. Thanks again to Shauna and family! I love hand-me-downs!!!

So, who knew that a pack of gum could bring so much joy. And then there's Abby who couldn't believe she got 3 packs in one! I love it.

And yes, we did eventually all get dressed that morning. Paige in her new clothes--and we even had time to crimp the hair. What a sweet little 5 year old. She is such a joy and delight. Can you tell by that smile? We love you Paige.

Since we had "cake" the day before, and Paige really only likes the frosting, she decided that she wanted CINNAMON ROLLS for her birthday cake. Here's the birthday song and the blowing of the candles (you'll notice how much August likes birthdays too!)

Here's to a great year little one. We love you.


  1. What a cute party! And I LOVE that version of musical chairs. Such a darling idea.


  2. What a fun time, Happy Birthday Paige. Poor Cam will be heart broken, he had a crush on Paige. The decorations look awesome! Oh, and those Costco dresses are so darn cute! I did the same thing going back again and again until I got the right sizes. Costco is evil when it comes to their little girl dresses, I always want to buy them when I go.

  3. Happy Birthday to Paige, she was just a baby when we moved, how time flies. Super cute invites and decor.

  4. Wow, you are such a wonderful and fun mom!! You make everything so special (darling banner!). Paige is so adorable and I can't get over that gum photo, hilarious! When did August become a little curly haired MAN? I can't wait to see you all soon. Happy Birthday Paige!

  5. the gum picture is my favorite. Love your girls. Happy belated birthday to Paige!!