Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Weekend

We enjoyed GENERAL CONFERENCE this past weekend. I loved all the advise directed to parents and family. I hope to talk more (not just read) about the scriptures and my testimony with my children and watch and listen more carefully to their responses and questions so I can get to know them even better. I love them so much and want them to be prepared to be good, nice, helpful people who are happy and a pleasure to be around. Is that asking too much?

While Larkin was at the Preisthood session we had a "girls night-in" at our house with our good friends, the Jones. We did name banners with the girls, six all together. We started out with a few supplies

and they each chose their own colors and papers and patterns and we ended up with this Not bad huh? It was so fun to see how different they all turned out. I wish I had a picture of Katie, Lindsay, and Chelsea's but I didn't think to take pictures until after they had gone home. It was fun to spend some crafting time together though. I loved it.

We enjoyed a quiet Easter home with just our family this year. The kids woke up early to this

and had fun collecting lots of eggs

August was in heaven with all that candy and couldn't trouble himself too much to keep collecting when he already had a few waiting to be eaten! What fun.





We had a relaxing day listening to conference and we even managed to have a yummy dinner, ham, mashed potatoes, broccoli and bread.

Hope your day was happy too.


  1. It was! And we really enjoyed conference as well.

    What a cute family you have.


  2. so Fun! I love the way you decorated your house with eggs and the name signs! what a great idea. In the last picture it looks like you are all having large glasses of red wine...haha. but i know it is just fun juice! Looks like a yummy dinner!

  3. LOVE those name banners! So cute and creative, just like you girl. Looks like the kids scored lots of candy this year. I loved having conference on Easter Sunday too. So relaxing. I miss you all tons!