Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kung Fu Fighting

Each year at AFHS the teachers spend their lunch minutes preparing dances to perform in front of the students at the Renaissance Assembly. I went the first year to watch, but with all the kids and it being so crowded, I haven't been back since. Now that most my kids will be in school, I'll have to try it again.

Each year Larkin brings the camera hoping to find someone who will record his dance so he can show us (and see it himself.) Each year, for whatever reason, it hasn't happened. One year the battery died in the camera after just a few seconds. Another year, there was no more room to record on the camera because the memory card was full. Another year, the teacher thought it was recording, but unfortunately, it wasn't. So, this year, when he came home and had it recorded, we all gathered around the computer to watch it. The girls loved it. They wanted to watch it over and over again. Our next mission though, is to get whoever is recording it to be on the side Larkin is on. It's hard to see him, but he is in the back with a black robe thingy and yellow belt. Go Larkin!


  1. thanks for a good laugh this morning! It totally brings me back to the teacher dances we would have during the rally's at SHS. Love Larkins "solo". And whoever choreographed that should be proud. It was such a cute dance!

  2. Larkin, loved the trampoline move man! Nothing better than seeing your teacher being silly out of his element. Classic!