Monday, April 25, 2011

Shake It!

(I wrote this post last week, but I can't get the video to's a long story. Anyway, Larkin mentioned posting video to facebook a couple days ago and so last night I tried it and it worked. So, if you are on facebook, go on over the have a look, it's pretty funny!)

Ever since August could walk he has done this little shake thing. He just gets up randomly and shakes his little body. It used to be whenever he was really happy, but now it's just whenever and only if he feels like it. It's hard to get on video because it's so random and the first is always the best. When we ask him to do it again, it's just not the same.

Yesterday though, we caught him. It was Paige's birthday and so I had the camera out taking pictures of her opening presents. August went up to his Monster Truck and pressed the buttons to make the music come on. He's been doing this lately. Once the music starts he runs fast and jumps to a stop posing in some sort of cool "move." So, without him knowing, I switched on the video and caught him in action. Enjoy...we do almost daily! 

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