Thursday, April 7, 2011


So, the day after Larkin agreed it was time to cut August's hair, I caught the boy in a good mood and he sat there pretty good for me while I chopped away. I figure with curls, you can't go too wrong. It's so refreshing to see his face again instead of the halo of poof that used to surround his head! I LOVE IT! Although, this was back on Valentine's day and he's getting close to needing another chop!

 Speaking of Valentine's Day, the Valentine's fairy finally decided to show up just before bed that day and the kids were very excited to see what treats he had left for them! Thanks little fairy!

I was released as the cubmaster a month ago and I'm going to miss all the fun cheers and silly awards and funny costumes and stuff we got to do there. It will be awhile before August will be a scout and we'll get to go again. Ashley loved going with me too--all the boys her age were there. I think she secretly wished she could be a scout! They presented me with this cute SWEET TREAT at my last meeting which happened to be the Blue and Gold. Isn't it just so cute! I love cute things and I just had to share this with everyone. Jenn Christensen made this for me and had the leaders sign a thank you card. I was very surprised to get such a "normal" gift from the scouts. Thanks! 

I had a birthday last month and it was a fun one. Larkin ordered a Costco cake for the celebration. He got to choose what picture and message to have them put on and after deciding between two ideas, this is the one that won. It was pretty funny. Larkin is always so...creative. Thanks hun! It was a good laugh, and quite delicious.

Larkin has started playing indoor soccer again after a year break. It's so fun to go and watch the games, especially now that the kids are older and can run around by themselves. I actually get to see most the game now. The games have also been in the mornings this time instead of late at night, so we've been able to go. Larkin scores LOTS of goals. He's really good at it. In this game I think he scored 5 of the 6 points. It's hard to get action shots, but I think these turned out pretty good...

My Soccer Stud!

So, all Ashley wanted last year for her birthday was a pair of OOBIES (the shoes in the picture.) They look like a slipper, and they are very wild. Paige was thrilled beyond belief when we found a pair for her at DI a couple months ago. They are sort of popular with the kids at school. Anyway, August thinks they are pretty funny and I caught him with them on the other day. He even had his cute hat on, which doesn't happen often, so I grabbed a couple quick pictures. What a sweet little boy!

So, there are the highlights from the last few weeks. If you put all the hours of watching NCAA basketball in there you pretty much know it all. I should also mention that August is potty trained, which is still quite a miracle if you ask me. And, my sister Mindy and husband Joey had a little boy last week named Aaron Joseph Hobson! What more could you ask for! (Just wished she lived MUCH closer...) Oh and one more thing, Ashley passed off all her times tables! This too is a small miracle. We are so happy for her!

Signing off...until next time


  1. I am so glad that I have your blog to catch up on your little family since I am SO far away and NEVER get to see you guys! Love ya!

  2. Thanks for the update. It's always fun to see what's happening with your cute fam.


  3. August is such a handsome boy! Congrats on the potty training. I have to start this summer with Spencer. I didn't know a girl could be a Cub scout master. Way to go, I'm a den mother but not for very long. No idea that Larkin plays soccer. How fun! Oh I love the FB video of August dancing!