Monday, December 20, 2010

Taylor Fun!

It's so fun to have so many families from California (where I grew up) now living here in Utah. One of our favorite families, the Taylors, has a get together every Christmas. It's so fun to get the old gang back together for a night of fun, treats and catching up. Here we are trying to get a picture in front of the Trolley that will take us around the lights at Thanksgiving Point.

My Mom and Dad (in the trolley)
There were so many of us this year that the Taylor's had also reserved a "hayride" for anyone wanting to brave the cold. The best part was, it wasn't very cold! In fact, most of us opted for the horse drawn ride! It was so fun to be out and close to all the lights. August even managed to wake up some and find a smile while we rode through.

My brother Doug and his sweet Allie

We spent the next hour or more inside the cafe drinking hot cocoa and munching on gigantic cookies and catching up with old friends. Thanks so much Taylors for such a fun night together!
The reindeer were still there when we were leaving so we stopped by to say goodnight.

I love this picutre. Paige was soo soooo soooo tired by now that she couldn't even muster a smile for the last couple pictures. Glad we got her home soon afterwards.

When we first got there earlier that evening there was a guy and his son out carving this huge chunk of ice. By the time we left, this is what they had created. So amazing. It was so beautiful!
Merry Christmas.

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