Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prince Frog

Abby's 2nd Grade teacher loves to have the kids perform plays.
Abby was chosed to be in one called The Prince Frog.
She was Lilly Paddington, a girl who goes out looking to catch a pet frog.
After being told it is nearly implossible to catch a frog by her friends and brother, she wanders out to the pond and meets a strange man sitting on a bench.
His name was Prince Albert Van Hoppinger.
After Lilly reaches in her backpack for a treat and pulls out a hershey kiss, the Prince promises Lilly that if she gives him the kiss then she will for sure catch a frog.
Lilly gives it a try and sure enough the Prince turns into a frog and hops right into her jar.
When she gets home and her brother asks how in the world she caught one, she says,
"Oh, that was easy, I gave a prince a kiss and he turned into a frog."

The class had a contest to see who would be in charge of the background. Everyone drew a picture of what they thought it should be and then they voted on the one they liked best. Abby and another boy's drawing were chosen and they worked together on the background.It turned out great!

Here's a picture of Abby with some of her friends before the play started.

Here is the cast in her play.

Abby and her pet frog, the forger Prince Albert Van Hoppinger

I wish I could get the video on here, but it's too big of a file and the software to help that won't load on my computer...the computer's fault not the software's. Need to get that fixed pronto!

She did a great job and it was so fun to watch.

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