Friday, February 11, 2011

August is 3

On the first,
August turned THREE!

He was very excited to have his own birthday (after watching his sister and Dad each have one.)

He knew right what to do. First off, birthday donuts.

He even got to eat off a STEELERS plate his Grammie and Grandpa Weyand had sent from Pennsylvania.

Life was good!

Everyone likes the birthday donuts!
After the girls got off to school, August and I went swimming at the Legacy Center pool. August loved the 15 minutes we had before the Lifeguard turned all the splash park water on. Now I know we need to be done swimming by 11:00am, not just barely arriving.

August was VERY excited about his cake. He kept asking all morning where his Lightening Mcqueen cake was. He stayed by me the whole time the cake was coming together. Paige loved to help taste everything and make sure it was yummy.
August was very patient waiting for the time to open presents, it kind of surprised me. When it was time, he excitedly got right into it. It was so fun to see all his expressions and jumps for joy!
He was very pleased with the turnout...LOTS of cars!

He had been asking for another Steeler shirt since he grew out of the last one Larkin bought for him. So, with lots of help from PA Grandparents, his wishes came true!!!
He L.O.V.E.S. his new Steelers jammies.
(Thanks Mom and Dad for sending those!
We are saving the other shirt for next season, when it will fit a bit better.)

We took everyone to McDonalds for his birthday dinner and got him a happy meal (a treat in itself!) And, you'll never guess that the toy inside was...another car! He was in heaven.

We sang Happy Birthday, ate the cake and ice cream and all went to bed. It was a lovely day. But just before bed, August presented us all with a little dance. He's hysterical when he starts dancing. We always get a good laugh when he turns it on.
Happy Birthday Little Man!
We love you!


  1. He's a riot. And that cake is a masterpiece!


  2. I knew I shared a birthday month with someone AWESOME! WOW LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!!! I'm dying over here. Your pictures are awesome btw. Looks like a lot of fun!