Friday, January 7, 2011

Abby Turns Eight

 Yesterday was Abby's birthday. She is now 8. She was soooo excited!

At school, her teacher had a special something for her to do each day this week. The first day she brought a poster about herself. She did a great job didn't she? She had fun planning, writing and decorating it! The other days she brought a favorite book to read to the class, a bag of something to estimate with during math, an idea of a few things to graph about and then one day each kid in the class drew a picture and wrote a little something they compiled in a birthday book for her. It has been a fun week.

Here she is first thing in the morning, eating her birthday donut breakfast
We brought donuts to school that afternoon for her to share with her class and then she came home with me in the car. The best part was, now that she is eight, she doesn't HAVE to sit in a carseat anymore. She was so happy to have a chance in the FRONT SEAT! (Remember those days? Shotgun! I don't dare tell my kids about it for fear that will be all I hear for the next how many years of my life...)
Abby had to wait about 30 minutes for Grandma and Grandpa to arrive so she could open her presents. This is her jumping up and down for joy that the time had actually arrived!
All her wishes came true as she opened present after present. She was very happy. I should say that there are still a couple wishes she is determined to see through. She wishes every year that she can have a "real" magic wand and wings. I hope someday even those will come true...
The one thing Abby was certain of was that she wanted a milkshake, and one all to herself that she didn't have to share. It was then decided upon that a milkshake cake would be prefect. Here is what we came up with. I think it turned out pretty great! So did Abby.
We think you are great, little miss eight!
Happy Birthday!


  1. EIGHT! wowsers. how in the world is she that old already? And her milkshake cake? that is amazing mari! You did an awesome job. very professional looking.

    p.s. your pictures look so good!

  2. Love that photo of her sipping the cake shake.

    I'll bet she's exciting about her baptism, too. Hope you post some pics!