Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paige Graduates!

Paige was lucky to be in such a fun group this year with all the friends from the neighborhood! Ms. Nikki is the most wonderful person let alone teacher, and we were just so lucky to get Paige in her class. What a troop! Paige is top row, third from left.

Ms. Nikki had a whole program set up for graduation and here is a peek at the rockin' ABC song

This is a video of the Wiggle song they sang. Paige and Braxton had a fun time during the chorus wiggling together...but the funniest part of this video to me is Chelsea (one's of Paige's best friends.) I know Chelsea as a dancing, prancing, singing mama who laughs and giggles and is full of energy, but from this video, you would never know it. She's in a red dress and she doesn't move even an inch in the wiggle song! Too funny.

Each child had a part they had memorized and Paige was the letters T and U. Her line was, "T is for turkey and U is for umbrella that we need when it rains." She got a little flustered, but ended up getting it out in the end! Great job Paige!

One of the funnest parts was near the end. Ms. Nikki had a picture of each child up on the wall while their name was read and then she had them walk out on their turn to stand in the front and be recognized. Paige was in heaven. What a cutie!

It was a fun night and we are excited for the fall when it's time for kindergarten. Way to go Paige. You learned so much this year; we are excited for you to keep on learning! Congrats to the Graduate!


  1. She has quite the personality, doesn't she? And such a cutie, too.

  2. wow paige! happy first graduation.

  3. Mari, that is SO cute. I feel like I was there. Congratulations to you Paige!!